Regular events

We have regular events throughout the week


Hamble Monday Club

The Hamble Monday Club was formed approximately 50 years ago is held at the Hamble Club, on Monday afternoons from 1.15pm to 3.30pm.

It is open to all older persons although anyone over 50 who are lonely are
welcome. The purpose of the Club is to give the older (or lonely) people somewhere
to go at least once a week to meet others for a chat over a cup of tea and a

Most of our members enjoy a game of Bingo so we include this in our
afternoons with an occasional speaker.

During the Spring/Summer months we arrange various Outings which we
subsidise from Grants we apply for. We also hold a Christmas Party at a
subsidised Cost which includes a Christmas dinner, entertainment and a
small gift to go home with.

As Hamble Club allows us the use of their facilities at no cost we do ask
all our members to become members of Hamble Club itself.


We have a darts team who are part the Southampton and district darts league. They play every 3rd Monday night of the month at the Hamble club. They are looking for new players if anyone is interested.


We have 2 snooker tables available for members and guests which are available every day for social games. We also have a snooker league which play on Monday nights. We have two teams, A and B, and are part the Southampton and District Snooker League.


Club Night

The club is open for all members and guests



We have bingo sessions each Wednesday at 8:00pm. This is for all members and guests.


Billiards League on Wednesday evenings from 8:00pm
Please contact Bill on 07799 735070



Poker Club

We have a poker evening on Thursday evenings starting at 7:30pm. All members and guests are welcome. If you are interested, please contact Dave Knights on 07922 615161


Pool Table

Hamble club pool game (2)

Free pool table all day on Fridays. Only 50p on other days. We also have pool completions occasionally on a Friday evening. Please see Upcoming events for details.


Saturday night entertainment changes each week with a variety of live bands, solo singer musicians and some of the top DJ’s. Every Saturday night also includes our weekly meat draw which is quite popular.


Bingo is available on Sunday evenings for all members and guests starting at 7:30. We also have a weekly draw.