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Membership at Hamble Club

We have introduced plastic membership cards keeping in line with other clubs. These cards come with an additional cost to the club which will need to be added to the annual membership fees. As a result, we will need to increase the fee by £3.00 for 2024.

Membership forms can be obtained from the club. Pop into the club when we’re open and ask behind the bar or at the door for a membership form. This can be filled out and left at the club with the membership fee. You will then be contacted for an interview to explain the rules and collect your membership cards.

Memberships run from 1st January to 31 December each year.

Renewal of membership must be done before 1st February to avoid paying the joining fee again. After this date, you become a lapsed member and may be refused entry into the club.

Membership Fees

Full membership:
    Renewing members: £18.00 (£15 + Card £3)
    New members: £23.00 (£20 + Card £3)

Pensioners (Men over 65, Women over 60):
    Renewing members: £8.00 (£5 + Card £3)
    New members: £13.00 (£10 + Card £3)

CIU members:
    Annual Pass Card: £3.50
    New CIU member: £7.00

The Associate Card and the Pass Card are NOT transferable from one club to another.
Both the Associate Card and the Pass Cards can be obtained through the Club Secretary.